Авиагрузоперевозки в Африке

The excitements and challenges faced by the aviation industry are now getting all attention


Everything from the decrease in passenger number and tough economic times along with the high rise of Jet fuel and competition are at play. All these have a direct impact on the aviation industry, but we need to remember the important role that each airline is playing in developing its country’s economy. Air Burundi’s theme is to build a bridge to a safe, secure and profitable partnership with our partners.

Despite the challenging competition 8Y is committed to ensure that our operations are sustained while preserving all employment to ensure we are training future industry experts who will drive the company to even greatest heights

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Международные авиаперевозки грузов

I wish all 8Y travellers and partner our utmost commitment to giving you the best of Burundi’s hospitality as you fly with us.


Emmanuel HABIMANA,

The Group Managing Director